“Introduction to Chinese Energetic Medicine” Tuesday nights

by Leah Johnson-Anderson on April 20, 2017


Due to consistent requests I have decided to open up a second class for MQP1.

“Introduction to Chinese Energetic Medicine”
Tuesday nights from 6:30-8:30 pm

Location: 2804 Grand Ave. Suite 301
Everett, WA 98201

Second location in Edmond or Bothell coming soon

ALL CLASSES are open to hard-of-hearing and visually challenged individuals. Please e-mail Leah (Leah@QiSisters.com) to make arrangements for accommodated classes.

• CLASSES begin on May 2nd, 2017, and will run for 16 weeks.

Taught by Master Leah Johnson-Anderson M.M.Q. (IIMQ)
(Speaks both ASL and Pidgin Sign Language).

Invest in yourself for only $200.00 a month! Space is limited.

This course is the first of four 16-week blocks required to become a Medical Qigong Practitioner (M.Q.P). There are no prerequisites for this primary-level certification.
The first class is designed to “introduce the students to Medical Qigong exercises to maintain health, heal their bodies, calm their minds, and reconnect with their spirit.”

If your goal is to achieve certification, this course will prepare you for the next steps in the series. A 200-hour Medical Qigong Practitioner (M.Q.P.) certificate will be issued to students who have successfully completed Courses 1 through 4. The certification includes 128 academic and 72 clinical hours. A full description of the MQP course is available at www.qisisters.com

About the Certification Program:
Studying to become a Medical Qigong Practitioner is an integrated step-by-step process. Each class, each internship, and each experience builds on the ones before, helping you to evolve into a natural healer, which already exists within you, and preparing you to work in an integrated healthcare delivery system.

The certification program is designed to teach both the theory and practical applications of Chinese Energetic Medicine. The program is based on a curriculum that was established at the Medical Qigong College at the Hai Dian University and used clinically at the Xi Yuan Medical Qigong Hospital in Beijing, China.

Emphasis will be placed on both the analytical/deductive and the intuitive approaches to comprehending and applying all aspects of Chinese Energetic Medicine. The experiential aspect of the course is well balanced with a solid theoretical foundation.

A set of five textbooks is required for the course work: “The Secret Teaching of Chinese Energetic Medicine” (Volumes 1-5), by Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson. Special arrangements can be made for a student discount for the textbooks, a headcount for the class is required in order to have the textbooks delivered in bulk to the class location.

A detailed syllabus will be forwarded to those students who register.

For more information or to sign up please e-mail Leah@QiSisters.com or call 425 598 9711.

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