A Note on Training for DMQ.

Master of Medical Qigong Leah Johnson-Anderson is teaching Master level classes leading to Doctorates certification program. Dr. Laura will teach the Doctorate Level to all who have qualified under the Masters training with Master Leah. The new textbooks have more information then the old and these books are designed to go even deeper than the previous training. One does not have to train to be a Daoist to do this work. One must meet all requirements of previous training to train as a Doctor or receive one-on-one training to catch up. An interview with Dr. Laura is required if you have learned the masters level from other schools. Please contact Dr. Laura for more information.

 Doctor Of Medical Qigong (Level D-13)
1. Review of the History of Cancer Treatment in Ancient China (Previously Introduced in T-8)
2. Understanding Cancer Treatment
3. Understanding Cancer Prescription Exercises
4. The Value of Cancer Support Groups

Doctor Of Medical Qigong (Level D-14)
1. Using Medical Qigong Therapy with Radiation Therapy
2. Using Medical Qigong Therapy with Chemo Therapy
3. Herb and Nutrition Therapy For Cancer Patients
4. Using Medical Qigong Therapy With Cancer Surgery Procedures

Doctor Of Medical Qigong (Level D-15)
1. Medical Qigong Treatments For Internal Organ Cancer (Part #1)
2. The Treatment of Internal Organ Cancer (Part #2)

Doctor Of Medical Qigong (Level D-16)
1.Medical Qigong Therapy and Treating Breast Diseases
2.Medical Qigong Therapy and Treating Ovarian, Uterine, and Cervical Diseases
3.Treating Brain Cancer with Medical Qigong Therapy
4.Treating Bone Cancer with Medical Qigong Therapy
5.Treating Blood Cancer with Medical Qigong Therapy
6.Treating Multiple Myeloma with Medical Qigong Therapy7. Review and Final Exam