MQT 1-4

Medical Qigong Therapist (MQT) (Levels 5-8)

Students wishing to take the Medical Qigong Therapist course must have successfully completed all four levels of the Medical Qigong Practitioner series.This is a 500-hour Medical Qigong Therapist (MQT) certification program. This program will include oral and practical examinations plus clinical competencies. Passing all the relevant examinations will qualify the student to progress to the more advanced 1000-hour Master of Medical Qigong (MMQ) program.

Medical Qigong Therapy Level 5. Advanced Diagnostics and Long-Distance Healing

This seminar offers the students an overview of the major principles and foundational structures that govern Traditional Chinese Medical Qigong. This course is designed to begin developing the skill of diagnosing specific conditions, determining the appropriate prescription Qigong treatments and exercises, and explaining how those treatments or exercises will be effective. As an example, we will look at Medical Qigong Walking Meditation Exercises, and explain when and why you would prescribe them. Students will also learn to understand and explain “Soul Loss” and “Soul Retrieval.” In particular, we will look at boundaries and how they can affect the natural healing process. Throughout the course, we will aim to refine the sensory, intuitive, and perceptual skills gained in the earlier classes.

 Course content will also include:

  1. Medical Qigong Dao Yin Training
  2. Medical Qigong Stationary Postural Dao Yin Training
  3. Medical Qigong Moving Postural Dao Yin Training
  4. Medical Qigong Walking Training
  5. Medical Qigong Respiratory Dao Yin Training
  6. Medical Qigong Mental Dao Yin Training
  7. Rectifying Qi Deviations With Medical Qigong Therapy
  8. Soul Retrieval and Medical Qigong Therapy
  9. Treating Mental Qi Deviations With The Windows of Heaven Point

 Medical Qigong Therapist (Level T-6) 

1. Developing Intuitive, and Perceptual Awareness
2. Intuitive and Perceptual Diagnosis Training
3. Applications of Intuitive and Perceptual Qi Diagnosis
4. Introduction to Energetic Channels and Points Identification
5. Introduction to Energetic Pattern Identification
6. Diagnosis Based on Body Association
7. Diagnosis Based on Questioning
8. Introduction to Differential Diagnosis
9. Diagnosis According to the Eight Energetic Principles
10. Diagnosis According to the Energetic Dysfunctions of Qi, Blood, and Body Fluids
11. Diagnosis According to the Five Element Theories
12. Clinical Intake Forms

Medical Qigong Therapist (Level T-7)
1. Medical Qigong Therapy and Neurology
2. Medical Qigong Therapy and Geriatrics
3. Medical Qigong Therapy and Gynecology
4. Medical Qigong Therapy and Treating Breast Diseases
5. Medical Qigong Therapy and Treating Ovarian, Uterine, and Cervical Diseases
6. Medical Qigong Therapy and Pediatric Diseases

Medical Qigong Therapist (Level T-8)
1. The History of Cancer Treatment in Ancient China
2. An Energetic Approach to Cancer Treatment
3. The Value of Cancer Support Groups
4. Using Medical Qigong Therapy with Radiation and Chemo Therapy
5. Treating Brain Cancer with Medical Qigong Therapy
6. Treating Bone Cancer with Medical Qigong Therapy
7. Treating Blood Cancer with Medical Qigong Therapy
8. Treating Multiple Myeloma with Medical Qigong Therapy