What is Medical Qigong?

Medical Qigong( Chi Gong =Energy Skill) is one of the Four Branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The principles underlying the teachings are the Theory of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements, and the relationship of Heaven, Earth, and Man. Medical Qigong Therapy consists of simultaneously treating and eventually harmonizing the patient’s Three Bodies (i.e., the physical body, energy body, and spirit body). The Medical Qigong Provider will also address any disharmonies that have manifested within the patient’s internal life-force energies; especially those disharmonies occurring within the patient’s Nurturing Qi, Sea of Blood, Sea of Marrow, or internal blockages located along the center core Taiji Pole.

How is Medical Qigong Different from other Energy arts?

First, it is considered a complete system of healthcare in itself as one of the four main branches of Chinese Medicine. Secondly, Practitioners of Medical Qigong Therapy first train to enhance their own life-force energy (Qi), and later learn to sense and directly influence the Qi of another person, in order to bring about a state of health and vitality. Some examples of directing and influencing Qi include; releasing emotional and energetic blockages, building up the Qi in the bodies organs, correcting Qi deviations by regulating and redirecting it back to the natural flow within the three bodies. The principle underlying the teachings where Dr. Laura and Master Leah Studied at the International Institute of Medical Qigong is the Dao (the natural Way of the Universe), the Theory of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements, and the relationship of Heaven, Earth, and Man. Some systems ask their students to move energy right away without understanding or developing awareness of energy within or around them. Students learn about their own body, spirit, mind energetic connections first before moving energy. In this way, they learn to energetically clean their space and their own body, mind, and spirit being centered and filled with Divine love before helping others. While students are building energy and awareness, naturally old blockages and beliefs are removed and the inherent original spirit (heart-mind connection) is awakened. This approach helps the students understand what they are truly doing through practical hands-on experiences with experienced teachers. One other feature that makes Chinese Energetic Medicine unique is that we offer prescription exercises to our clients after treatments so they continue the healing process on their own. Our goal is for our clients to heal completely, not become repeat clients.

Do you have to be a Daoist or believe in Daoism to train in Medical Qigong?

No. Dr. Laura and Master Leah have trained people from many walks of life. All that is required to learn is an open heart and a willingness to do the work to break old patterns and believe systems. The more the heart opens the less we judge others and feel a need to be right or fix someone. All belief systems are honored here. We truly believe that we are all connected and loved no matter where we come from. If we honor one another we honor the divine spark within each of us. We believe in Loving GOD and LOVING People.

What is the difference between Qigong Exercises and Medical Qigong Exercises?

Qigong exercises are used for health and vitality. In China and in clinics today they are used to prevent disease. Medical Qigong Prescription exercises are specifically given to the client to heal their body from their specific diseased state or chronic health conditions. These may include healing sound therapy, Jing Point therapy, Qigong Massage, Specific healing Meditation etc. There are a number of prescriptions and techniques that are given to our clients to assist their body in the healing process. In Medical Qigong we know that the body is inherently intelligent, with its natural ability to heal itself. We also know that our thoughts assist in our healing or in our illness. These exercises were researched and studied in China at the Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine helping thousands of individuals heal from conditions such as, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, breast and ovarian cysts and tumors, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, insomnia, acute abdominal pain, prostatitis, irritable bowel syndrome, deep tissue obstruction, muscle atrophy, brain tumors, stroke, coma retrieval, and certain types of cancer.