MQP 1-4


Medical Qigong Practitioner 1-4

This Medical Qigong Practitioner Course currently being taught by the Qi Sisters is designed to help all individuals understand the human body through a scientific, energetic, and spiritual approach to internal healing. In this special course, each student will be introduced to the ancient Chinese techniques that are still being used today in T.C.M. Clinics throughout the world; specifically for developing and utilizing the body’s own inherent healing abilities.

Throughout these courses, all students will learn how to assist others in their internal healing process through the eyes of a Chinese Shaman Doctor. These four courses serve as a basic energetic foundation, that can be used towards obtaining a greater awareness of self and the world around you.

MQP1: (2016) (Feb 5,6,7,8) Introduction to Medical Qigong: This first course is designed to introduce the student to foundational principles and practices of Medical Qigong Therapy. Students will be introduced to energetic embryology, energetic anatomy and physiology according to ancient Chinese theory. Students will be taught special exercises that can be used for strengthening the body’s internal organs. There are no prerequisites.

MQP2: (2016), (May. 13,14,15,16): This second course will introduce the clinical basics of treatments, protocols, diagnosis and TCM channel flow. More Advanced meditations and Qigong exercises will be introduced which are designed to improve the body, mind, and spirit connection. This second course is designed to help students activate their innate intuitive abilities and energetic sensitivities. This course continues to lay the groundwork for the rest of your clinical practice.

***MQP3: (2016),  (Aug: 4,5,6,7,): Building from P1 and P2 the students are introduced to basic psychology addressing thought forms and feelings. More advanced clinical training with Qigong Exercises and Meditation. This class will also address clinical safety, ethics, and clinical hygienics.

****MQP4: (2016) Nov (11,12,13,14*15): In this final course students put it all together, as they are introduced to more advanced diagnosis and treatment techniques, five elements theory, Medical Qigong exercises. Students will be introduced to the Five Yin organs, dis-ease and treatment plans with emphasis on healing sounds. The basic treatment protocols to tonify, purge, and regulate the body’s systems. At the end of this course, students will be confident and able to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. A review will be given before the final examination.

*Final Competency Exam (2016) (Nov, 15, 2015):  Students will be able to diagnose and demonstrate techniques in treatment. Students will be expected to demonstrate proficiency in the course material both in written and practical format.

***Dates subject to change

Text books: You are encouraged to purchase your books before the first class. If for some reason you will need to buy the books when you arrive the day of class please notify us and bring payment same day. Text books are $80.00 each, you can get them at All 5 books will be used in the first module.

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