“I had my first experience with Leah doing long distance energy work. She asked great questions, put me at ease and spoke directly to what was on my mind once completed. I have greater clarity, joy, focus and feel at peace with where I am and what I’m creating now. If you’re feeling any pain, stress, unrest or lake of focus, …or you just want greater joy in your life now, I highly recommend a session with Leah!” D.W. Bellvue WA

“When I arrived for my recent appointment, the QiSisters made the decision to “double-team” me — and provided me a duet healing session!! What an incredible experience! Dr. Laura had come to Washington to visit and work with her sister Leah, provide workshops and healing sessions. When our session ended, I felt a return of hope – something that had been missing from me for quite some time in the aftermath of traumatic emotional upheaval coupled with various health issues that had previously landed me in the hospital several times for many weeks. My knees and lower back have been quite painful for some time, and by the time I headed home, I realized the pain was gone! The topic of that pain had not even come up in our pre-session discussion. Through Qigong healing sessions replete with guided imagery and assigned home exercises tailor designed to reinforce the healing field, I am getting stronger and taking back my personal power to heal. Thank you QiSisters!.” K.B. Ballard, Washington

“Thank You so much QiSisters.Your healing session was remarkable.I never felt this much free and lite in my whole life from the pain I experienced in the past. Thank You so much. You helped me to live again in LIGHT. Thank You so much for I am feeling better in many ways and both my physical, emotional, and behavioral conditions have improved a lot from the heaviness in my heart and disturbed to feeling Light and calm with the healing. Thank you QiSisters.” – S.D. Hyderabad, India.

“I recently paid a visit to Sky Valley Healing Arts clinic, and to look up a certain practitioner. She was unavailable, however I was introduced to Leah Johnson-Anderson, Master of Medical QiGong. As I have been studying and teaching QiGong for years I didn’t hesitate to stay for a treatment. Receiving Qi was far deeper healing than my simple sore back. I felt physical, emotional and spiritual release on an enormously profound level. My pain was intense when I arrived and nonexistent when I left. She left me with a wonderful QiGong exercise and also emailed additional suggestions to help me on a personal level as well. Leah is the daughter of one of the most respected QiGong healing scholars on the planet today, and her healing skills tell me that the apple is there for anyone to take a bite of. I feel awesome!” B.D. Snohomish,WA

“My experience with Leah was both difficult and healing. Not knowing what to expect, I tried not to have any expectations coming into the qigong treatment session. Leah was able to sense some of my emotional turmoil that I have been avoiding, and brought to light my need to address these issues. Coping mechanisms I have used since I was a child have caused a lot of stress and tension, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Leah worked with me to acknowledge these issues and helped me start my journey toward complete healing and letting go. Leah’s treatments focused on my whole being, connecting the physical, emotional, and spiritual to bring balance.”E.E. Seattle, WA

“We often look for an outside source to cure our ailments but Laura helps us to heal from the inside and shows us the path we can take to help ourselves. I didn’t realize that I was settling for feeling okay when I could shoot for feeling great physically, energetically and mentally. Her treatment and the exercises she assigns for us to work on have worked wonders for my wife and me.”S.A. Monterey, CA

“I have suffered with migraines and knee pain for a long time and nothing helped. I had a few sessions with Laura and I am migraine free and the knee pain has gone away. She is a caring and knowledgeable person and I highly recommend her!” S.R. Pacific Grove, CA

“I had shoulder pain. I went to Laura not knowing what to expect. I am happy to say that I am pain free and feel a happiness I can’t describe inside and out. Laura has a true gift.”F.P. Seaside, CA

“I’ve known Laura for a few days. But the positive experience is exceptional in each and every one of Qi gong visits. She took the time on the service she provides. Her communication skills and her being compassionate was her great asset. Her tact and professionalism, in my opinion, this trait is powerful
for overall customer experience.
C.V. Marina, CA

“I received a full body Qigong treatment several times with Laura Johnson-McCreary. My shoulder and neck discomfort have improve tremendously. Ms. Laura truly takes an interest in her client’s health and well being. At all times after treatment I felt rejuvenated.”D. S. SJB, California