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Leah and Laura are both second generation healers, dedicated to the mission of working to alleviate people’s physical and emotional suffering. Our healing practice is based on introducing our clients to the ancient Chinese medical healing art of Medical Qigong Therapy.

In our clinical healing approach, we believe that any diseased state can occur through three primary methods: Genetic, Environmental, and Emotional. Therefore we consider that the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual interactions occurring within an individual’s personal life will have an extremely important impact on their healing potential.

We also believe that because all people are connected to the Divine source of life, each “diseased” state represents an opportunity to reevaluate personal priorities, and begin a new path to rediscovery.

We are Doctor/Abbott Laura Johnson-McCreary, and Master of Medical Qigong/Disciple Leah Johnson-Anderson, daughters of Professor Jerry Alan Johnson. Professor Johnson is the founder and executive director of the International Institute of Medical Qigong in Monterey California. This is only one of his many accomplishments over his lifetime of work. He is now in retirement.

We both studied under our father, from childhood to the present, and are both honored and humbled to have such a master as our father and teacher.  We strive to continue in his footsteps by bringing the ancient healing arts of Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy to all people searching for personal empowerment, internal awareness, and true spiritual freedom.

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Dr. Laura Johnson-McCreay D.M.Q., D.T.C.M. (China)

Leah Johnson-Anderson M.M.Q., (China),