Dr. Laura Marie Johnson-McCreary, D.M.Q., D.T.C.M. (China)

I am a second generation Medical Qigong Doctor, and the first-born of the world famous Medical Qigong Doctor and Martial Arts Grand-Master Professor Jerry Alan Johnson. While spending many years training with my father, I have also traveled with him to China on many occasions in order to further my studies in both Chinese Energetic Medicine and Daoist Mysticism.

After completing a life time of private training and clinical internships, I graduated in February of 2012 as a Clinical Doctor from the Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the International Institute of Medical Qigong; and have received my license as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Peoples Republic of China’s Ministry of Health. Currently, I am still training with my father, who continues to invest his time and effort in teaching myself and several senior disciples the secret art of esoteric Energetic Healing, Daoist Mysticism, and Daoist Alchemy. This special knowledge and training has taken my father a lifetime to gather and embody, and I am honored to receive this unique form of healing training and teaching.

In addition to running a Medical Qigong Clinic, I am also an ordained Abbott in both the Shang Qing (Highest Clarity) and Tian Shi (Celestial Master) Daoist Sects, and currently teach private classes in Daoism Mysticism in Monterey California.