Leah Johnson-Anderson,  M.M.Q. (China)

I am committed to helping patients reduce and eliminate pain without the use of addictive medications or painkillers. Instead, they welcome relief through complementary and alternative medicine.
Since 2003, I have worked in the field of Chinese Energetic Medicine. I also bring 20+ years of experience working with children with ADHD and Autism.
I have helped many patients with chronic pain, internal digestive problems, hypertension, and anxiety to reduce physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering by offering a variety of natural and alternative healing modalities.

Using Traditional Chinese Medicine, based on the Yin, Yang and Five Element Theory, these approaches have allowed my patients to experience dramatic results in pain reduction within a few weeks. My approach is to educate and empower my patients to enhance their natural healing abilities through greater mind-body awareness with grace, love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

I am specializing in treating children with ADHD and Autism. Treatments for children may include Medical Qigong exercises, meditations, brain balancing Jing Point therapy and homework. These techniques assist children to develop clarity, awareness, attention, self-confidence and reduce stress and feel calmer. Using my well-honed healing gifts and talents to bring lasting relief and a wonderful quality of life for all. It’s my joy and privilege to light the healing path for others to enjoy the same benefits as I have, in my own journey. I am currently welcoming new patients to this healing space.